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The BRETANIDE Sport & Wellness Resort is located on the most famous beach of Croatia, which combines in a unique way sport, recreation and wellness. For years our resort is setting the standards along the Croatian Adriatic Sea, due to the highly qualified and kind staff, the excellent cuisine, the top cleanliness in the entire hotel, the short distance to the famous beach and due to the top price-/performance ratio.


Bretanide Resort, located in Bol, Croatia, is dedicated to preserving the environment and reducing its impact. This policy outlines the guidelines and approaches that the resort will implement to reduce, minimize, and manage its environmental impacts, contributing to sustainability and nature conservation.
Sustainability Management
1. Energy Consumption Reduction: Bretanide Resort will continuously work on reducing energy consumption by efficiently using lighting, air conditioning, and other devices, while promoting awareness among staff and guests about energy conservation.
2. Water and Water Resources: The resort will strive to decrease water consumption through the application of water-saving technologies, water recycling, and reuse practices, along with educating about effective water usage.
3. Waste Management: Bretanide Resort will promote waste reduction through recycling, composting, and reducing the use of single-use items. Employees and guests will be educated on proper waste

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