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Nestled in the heart of central Tekirova, surrounded by enchanting pine forests, Güral Premier Tekirova Hotels & Resorts invites travelers to experience a truly exceptional vacation. With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to traditional Turkish architecture, this exquisite facility has been constructed to offer the highest standards of comfort.

Güral Premier Tekirova Hotels & Resorts takes pride in its commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental conservation. Recognized with the International Sustainable Award, the resort actively raises awareness of endemic species along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Through rigorous environmental protection programs on national and international levels, the facility ensures the responsible use of resources, preventing degradation and promoting a balanced ecosystem.


The resort actively engages in environmental conservation efforts, aiming to preserve the natural wonders that surround it. Through beach clean-up initiatives and biodiversity protection programs, Güral Premier Tekirova strives to maintain the ecological balance of the Mediterranean coast. By partnering with local organizations, the resort plays a crucial role in preserving the region’s natural heritage for generations to come. The hotel’s unwavering commitment and proactive efforts toward creating a more sustainable future have earned it the prestigious International Sustainable Award. This recognition is a testament to the hotel’s dedication to raising awareness of the unique endemic species found along the breathtaking Mediterranean coast in Turkey. By championing environmental preservation and promoting the coexistence of tourism and nature, the hotel stands out as a beacon of sustainability in the hospitality industry.

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Tekirova Belediye Meydanı

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