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Limni offers quality accommodation that combines ecology, comfort and tradition with two ecological maisonettes recently built in earth and straw on a wooden frame. Each house is self-sufficient and fully equipped, located in an old restored olive grove above Ammoudara beach, 150 meters above sea level and 1,5km from the sea. Free parking, private garden, quality COCOMAT bedding, amazing sea view of the Mirabello bay and the small town of Agios Nikolaos, located 7km from the site. The bathroom is equipped with an Italian shower and dry toilets. Electricity is provided by solar panels and a small wind turbine. LIMNI eco-agro-tourism, it’s natural accommodation, for holidays but also seminars and workshops, in the heart of an old olive grove, an invitation to discover the Cretan diet, local producers, Cretan nature and its treasures throughout the four seasons. LIMNI is open all year long, because, at any moment, Crete is worth to be visited.


LIMNI, or λιμνί, which means lake in Greek, is an old hamlet forgotten in the past, but above all it’s a beautiful human adventure, a love story between people, a place and a concept, of living harmoniously with oneself, others, our environment, our ancestors and future generations.
Our two eco-houses are made of stones, wood, earth and straw, as fully-equipped natural habitat from foundation to the bedding, with 100% solar and wind energy, luxury dry toilets to reduce drastically the water consumption inside the house, full insulation and fans but no air conditioning, solar heated water and advanced composting area.
The next steps are the installation of a monitor system of the temperature inside the house compared to outside, a monitor system to measure the accurate water consumption per visitor and to produce our site our own soaps and cleaning liquids. The laundry is already done in situ. Any proposal and suggestion is always welcome :)

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