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With the beach and historical sights within walking distance, Side Resort Hotel is in the prime location for whatever type of holiday you are searching for. Whether its relaxing by the pool, enjoying the slides at aquapark or joining in with daily activities, there is something for everyone in Side Resort Hotel which was specifically designed for families. The environmentally friendly and Travelife Gold award winning hotel is surrounded by natural and beautiful gardens and has been fully refurbished, making it ultra-modern and sophisticated.


In Side Resort, we believe that the nature which is commended to us should be handed over to the future generations more liveably and with adequate resources. In order to contribute the ecological balance, we adopt an environmental understanding by observing the negativities and threats on nature caused by our operations continuously, minimize these effects and consume the natural resources responsibly, training the staff on these issues and expecting the partners to have the same sensitivity. With a dedicated team and environment friendly thinking, Side Resort Hotel is aware of and committed to its responsibilities to preserve nature as part of its ongoing sustainability program aiming at reducing the negative effects of tourism on environment and society. For more, please visit our sustainability page…

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Side Mahallesi

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